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Olympique Design Terms & Privacy

Terms of Use

Community Guidelines


  2. Use of Olympique Design online (the “Site”) indicates that you have read and understood the Terms of Use (the “Terms”).
  3. Olympique Design LLC (the “Company”) reserves the right to modify these Terms at the Company’s discretion. The Company may provide notice of such modifications, but notice is not required.
  4. Any notice of the modification may be provided through the Site, email, or other manner of communication determined by the Company to be effective to provide such notice.
  5. You, the user, are encouraged to review these Terms on a regular basis and you agree to be bound by any such modifications.
  6. These Terms are by and between you and the Company and no third-party rights or benefits are intended, created, or conferred.


  1. The Site provides the opportunity for you to shop for and purchase services offered by the Company (collectively the “Services”).
  2. The Company uses third party independent contractors to fulfill the Services (the “Contractors”).
  3. The Site may provide links to third-party websites for a variety of reasons, including to access the Company’s social media, payment processing, or other integration deemed necessary by the Company.
  4. Such third-party websites are not owned or controlled by the Company and Company expressly disclaims the content, opinions, policies, practices, and all other aspects of any linked third-party website.
  5. Such links are provided for your convenience and reference. The Company expressly states that the use of such third-party websites are governed by the third-party website and any legal agreements or otherwise provided by the third-party website.

Use and Purchases

  1. You are encouraged to browse the Services and spend time on the Site.
  2. If you decide to request estimates on one or more Services, you will complete a form indicating:
    1. Identification of particular service desired,
    2. Contact information, including name, email, and other information at the Company’s request,
    3. Description of your business for which services are requested,
    4. Description of goal, and
    5. A file upload tool for brand guidelines, logo, or other information helpful to the request.
  3. The form shall be in a manner provided by the company and may request additional or different information than outlined in these Terms.
  4. If you decide to purchase one or more Services, you will be provided a non-binding estimate.
  5. By requesting an estimate, you authorize the Company to contact you by email to discuss the Services, to clarify the request, and to perhaps to hire the Company to perform the Services.
  6. The Site and the Company will not collect any information except name, address, and order.
  7. In connection with your use of the Site, you agree to comply with all applicable laws.


Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy outlines the nature, purpose, use and sharing of any Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) collected via the Site, forum, or other data collection function. PII may include: your name, email, mailing and/or home address, phone numbers, or other information that identifies you personally.
  2. Specifically, PII is the details and data identified at the definition of PII at Colorado Revised Statute § 6-1-713(2)(a).
  3. Any other data that is not statutorily PII may be protected to the extent PII is protected, however under no circumstances shall the definition of PII in these terms be read to be more expansive than provided by Colorado Law.
  4. Generally, PII is collected by voluntary submission by Member. By doing so, you are giving the Company permission to use the information for the purpose requested by the Company. Your decision not to provide certain information may result in the Company being unable to provide the service desired.
  5. If you voluntarily provide PII, through forms or email, the Company will use that information to help provide the information or service you have requested or to respond to you. The information we may receive varies based on what you do when visiting the Site.
  6. When PII is requested, the reasons for collecting it and a description of the intended use of the information may be provided.
  7. Should you provide your email address, the Company will provide you with newsletters and other information as it becomes available or based upon your subscription preferences for such mailings.
  8. Email is not necessarily secure and it is suggested you do not send sensitive personal data such as bank account, credit card information, or other similar data to the Company by email.
  9. The Company automatically collects information about each visit for website management and security purposes only. Such information helps update the website. Such information may include: (i) the internet domain from which you access the website, (ii) the internet protocol address from which you access the website, (iii) the type of browser used, (iv) the operating system used to access the website, (v) the date and time of access, (vi) the universal resource locator (“URL”) or address of the pages visited, (vii) log in information such as username, and (viii) the URL of any forwarding site.
  10. The automatically collected information is provided for our web development team.
  11. Any information you voluntarily submit, either though a form or other means, shall be kept in the same manner as all collected PII.
  12. The Company may provide certain information, such as brand guidelines, requests, contact information, and other responses to the Contractor for completion of Services.
  13. The use of social media websites and third-party websites by you or the Company must comply with the privacy policies of such social media websites and third- party websites. As such, more data may be collected based on plug-ins or application uses on the Company website of such social media websites and third-party websites.
  14. Any PII collected is secured to the best available standards behind protections such as firewalls, secure socket layer, encryption, password protections, and other reasonable precautions.
  15. Should the Company be hacked and your PII be stolen, the Company, pursuant to conscious and the requirements of law, will notify you as soon as possible.
  16. All PII or submitted information shall be held as confidential information, except as otherwise provided.
  17. If you leave a comment on our site you may opt-in to saving your name, email

User Create Content and Digital Millennium Copyright Act


  1. Images and photos may be created by third parties, to such an extent these images and photos are owned by the creator and the Company asserts only that an appropriate license for display has been obtained.
  2. Specific images and photos are owned by the Company or the Company has retained portfolio and display rights permitting use on the Site. All rights reserved.
  3. The Company may publish blog entries or other copyrightable material. All rights reserved.
  4. You shall not copy, download, repost, or otherwise retransmit any images displayed on the Site without express consent of the Company or the Artists.
  5. Should you copy, download, repost, or otherwise retransmit such images, you may be in violation of the Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C § 101 sec. and the Company may elect to pursue any and all legal remedies associated with the Copyright violation.
  6. To the extent the Company creates any content, the Company affirmatively states that all rights are reserved.
  7. To the extent the you submit comments, reviews, testimonials, or other copyrightable materials, the Company explicitly disclaims any right and ownership to such materials with the exception that the Company has and retains the right to remove such materials if it uses improper language, hate speech, or otherwise is designed to shock and offend.
  8. To the extent you create materials, the Company may post such creations to the Site, social media websites, blogs, or other marketing materials.
  9. Should your materials be used by the Company, the Company may notify you at submitted contact information if possible. The Company will in good faith attempt to attribute such materials to you.
  10. Submission of comments, reviews, testimonials, or other copyrightable materials may be submitted by email to the Company or in such manner as the Company permits.


  1. Age: You state that you are over the age of 18 and able to be legally bound by contract or are acting on behalf of someone younger, such as a child.
  2. Authority: You agree that any submission of forms, affirmative steps towards engaging with services, and any representations made by you on behalf of a business entity are authorized and can be relied upon by the Company.
  3. Assignment: This Agreement cannot be assigned, except for any successors to the Company.
  4. Choice of Venue: To the extent litigation arises from these terms, you agree all such litigation will take place in the Federal District of Colorado or the State courts of Colorado located in Larimer County, Colorado.
  5. Choice of Law: These Terms shall be interpreted according to the laws of the State of Colorado and the laws of the United States of America.
  6. Full and Complete: These Terms are the full and complete understanding by and between you and the Company.
  7. Attorney’s fees: A prevailing party on any issue arising out of these Terms shall be entitled to Attorney’s Fees.
  8. Waiver: A waiver of any right or duty outlined in these Terms based upon circumstances is a waiver of an individual instance of such right or duty. Such a waiver is not a waiver for all time of the right or duty.
  9. Severability: Should any provision be found by any Court to be illegal or ineffective as a matter of law, such provision shall be struck immediately and be given no weight or effect.