A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing Yourself as a Personal Trainer

The world is saturated with gyms, personal trainers, bootcamps and health coaches. How can you get past the clutter and run a successful personal training business? Well here are some tips:

Specialize Within The Fitness Market

This may seem tough at first, but honing in on a specific demographic can go a long way. You want to stand out, be seen as the “expert” of the experts! For your average person looking to start with a fitness regime, they often can’t tell the difference between a good and experienced personal trainer and someone newly certified through NASM, ACE or another official certification exam. It can be frustrating for those who have more experience and knowledge but lack the marketing tools. Give it some thought and see what market fits your style and what kind of clients seem to be attracted by you. Are they young professional women? The elderly? High performance athletes?

 Specialize Your Skills Based on Your Target Market

Now that you’ve chosen who you want to work with, brush up on your knowledge and tools to cater to that specific market. What makes their needs different from others?

A Powerful and Consistent Brand

Once you’ve established your identity as a personal trainer. You know your target market, you have the specialized knowledge, skills and no how to cater to that specific demographic, you need to establish your brand. Whether you’re working independently or within a bigger gym that has their own branding guidelines, there are many ways to establish your own brand identity. For an independent trainer, develop a logo, business cards, branded workout sheets and meal plans, a website if required and branded marketing material for events etc. As for personal trainers working in a gym establish your identity by what you wear, branded workout sheets and other material provided by you, and your training style. Remember, branding is all about how others perceive you.

Organize Bootcamps and Other Events

Get yourself out there. Again, this can be inside the gym you’re working at or for those that work independently. Take the lead on Bootcamps, specialized classes and group workouts. People get more motivated to workout in larger settings than by themselves. This is a good strategy to get your foot in the door to new clients. Have them experience your style without committing to one on ones right away. This will give you an opportunity to talk to more prospects with an open mind.

Provide Result Based Promises

This is only for those who are well versed and experienced in the industry. People are attracted to trainers who can promise them results within a specific time frame. After the initial on-boarding session and understanding their fitness goals, give them a roadmap with specific results to be achieved within a specified time frame, along with some type of “prize” if they achieve it. It can be anything, from one free session with you to a little gift card. Thats for you to be creative! But remember, stick to your brand and style!

Provide Referral Incentives

Referrals is a very important way of attracting business. If things are slow, provide your clients with some kind of incentive to bring refer you to a friend!